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Hello, my name is Alice. I started hormone therapy on january 1, 2023. You are part of my transition and part of my life from start to finish. You are my support, without which I could not have done it, I thank you so much. Thank you for sticking with me to this day and believing in me. In life, I like to DJ and sometimes I perform in techno clubs and sometimes I also DJ. My dream for a long time is to feminize my face (Please don’t write me I don’t need it, it bothers me. I know what I want and it’s important to me). Sometimes I feel too lonely and sad because I can spend days in bed without getting up It would seem that being yourself is everyone’s right. But sometimes it is a privilege. I appreciate a tip of any size and will never ask for one. Leave as much tip as you want. You may notice that I enjoy expressing my sexual creativity in public. It doesn’t matter my broadcast schedule: I log on when I want to. I need my experience to be authentic. There is no schedule.